Doing good on the go

 Starte am 09. April 2017 und sammle für eine bessere Zukunft!

Changes lives as Helvetas Charity Runner!

With just a few clicks you can create your personal fundraising website. There you’ll invite your friends to support your goal with a donation. Thanks to these donations children receive access to clean water and can go to school.

Exclusive Charity-Runner-Package


Start between the 27th and 29th of July at the Swissalpine 2018 and fundraise for a better future. As Helvetas Charity Runner you’ll benefit from an attractive Thank-you-Package:


  • Energy booster in the form of Taste of Nature bars
  • Support of Helvetas on site (e. g. handing in the starting number at our stand without queuing up)

If you have collected at least 500 francs:

  • 50 francs voucher for our Fairshop

If you have collected at least 150 francs:

  • High quality functional running t-shirt with your name on it

This is how it works

Choose your event

Inspire your friends

Collect donations

These are the projects you can rally for:

Clean water


You can give people acces to clean drinking water and change their lives forever.



Thanks to your commitment children can go to school and start a better future.

Change lives as Helvetas Charity Runner!

Many sportsmen and women have already collected as Charity Runners and helped thousands of people to take their lives into their own hands.